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Paul is a startup beast. He’s one of the most effective individuals at taking an idea, whether it be for a company, sales, marketing, or event and making it happen. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does next!
— Eric James, Co-Founder & CTO at Applied Intelligence
The hustle is strong with this one... Paul is one of the most persistent people I’ve met, has great intentions, and is someone I’m rooting for.
— Noah Kagan, Co-Founder & CEO at SumoMe
Paul is an outstanding entrepreneur, we’ve known each other since the early days of Shinesty. The advice he’s given along the way has helped immensely in learning what’s possible with internet marketing.
— Jens Nicolaysen, Co-Founder & CMO at Shinesty
Paul is hands-down one of my favorite super-connectors in the startup scene. He has graciously introduced me to key players in the community without asking for a thing in return, and has always been available to give feedback or ideas when I hit a roadblock. If you’re lucky enough to have Paul in your camp, take what you learn from him and then pay it forward to help the next entrepreneur.
— Amy Baglan, Co-Founder & CEO at MeetMindful
Paul’s time management system is a thing of beauty. He’s able to get more done in a day than I think most people get done in a month.
— Zack Kanter, Co-Founder & CEO at Stedi
Paul is one of my favorite people to bounce marketing strategies, sales plans, and business ideas off of. He’ll always deliver solid advice that can be executed on.
— Pascal Wagner, Co-Founder & CEO at Walkthrough
Paul is one of the few people who understands both marketing & technology, and he uses those skills to make it happen! He consistently over delivers on his promises... which is a rare find in our world today. Keep his information handy because he’s someone you’ll always want in your corner.
— Andy Drish, Co-Founder & CEO at The Foundation
Paul and I met as freshman in college... and let’s just say Paul has come a long way. :) It’s been awesome to have a friend along this entrepreneurial journey that I can always count on to tell it like it is and deliver solid advice.
— Alex Kruger, Founder & CEO at Grace
Paul’s one of my favorite Colorado entrepreneurs. He’s always willing to help whether it’s on sales, marketing, or apps, he’s a solid person to bounce ideas off of.
— Sam Felsenthal, Co-Founder & COO at Pana
Paul is a straight up hustler. He’ll take down any obstacle in his way and brings astounding energy and resilience to whatever he’s working on. He’s a great person to get to know and learn from and a positive asset for the Colorado startup ecosystem.
— Fletcher Richman, Co-Founder & Partner at BubbleIQ
Paul is a great entrepreneur, he’s helped us immensely at Pana with our initial idea validation and early customer acquisition. I’m looking forward to working with him in growing the Denver entrepreneur scene!
— Devon Tivona, Co-Founder & CEO at Pana
Paul is a great friend and lives the “leaders and best” Michigan legacy every day out west. I’m always impressed by his perpetual achievements and lucky to get his well-crafted, friendly advice on business, life, and everything in between.
— John Hennessy, Co-Founder & CEO at Elegus Technologies

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